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How We Work

One-to-One Online Classes That Fit in Your Learning Goals

Our experienced tutors help your child to understand every topic easily and provide them a learning material that helps to achieve their academic goals.

Choose a Regular Timeslot for Your Tutoring Sessions
Sessions can Take place on Desktops, laptops and iPads
Well Qualified & Experienced Teachers

Personalised Online Classes from the comfort of home

Efficiency Redefined

From seamless organization to adaptive learning paths, explore how the platform optimizes your study routine, ensuring that every moment spent enhances your understanding and retention.

Personalised Learning Journey

Witness how the platform tailors your educational journey, adapting to your progress and highlighting areas that demand attention. Experience a learning environment crafted specifically for you.

Seamless Time Management

Explore the intuitive time management tools that empower you to make the most of your study sessions. Set goals, track your progress, and receive timely reminders, ensuring that you stay on track and accomplish more in less time.

Try Unlimitedly Risk-Free Trial Classes from UK’s Most Affordable One-to-one Tutoring Provider

Enrol for our regular classes by sharing details using the enrolment link https://concept.study/enrollment-form/  (No upfront payment, Pay later after the first class)

Join our First regular class and decide. 

If you don’t like the first class then we will not charge any fee (Yes, it is Risk-Free) and You can ask to try with another teacher. 

If we have availability then we will provide an option to try with another teacher.

If you are still not satisfied then you don’t need to pay anything (Yes, it is risk-free unlimited trial classes)

If you like the class and decide to continue then only we charge a monthly fee for upcoming classes including the previous class (which you like). 

If you discontinue in the middle of any month due to any reason, We will refund 100% fee for unused classes, Please read our Refund Policy

Learning is Fun and Effective When You Have Benefits

Explore the unique advantages that await you on this innovative platform

Interactive Learning Experience

Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment with multimedia content, quizzes, and collaborative study groups that cater to various learning styles, making the learning process engaging and interactive.

Adaptive Learning Paths Personalised

Experience personalized learning journeys as we adapt to your progress, guiding you through customized paths that focus on your strengths and target areas for improvement.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Enjoy the flexibility of accessing your study materials anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, we ensure your learning journey is always within reach.

Innovative Progress Analytics

Gain detailed insights into your study habits, areas for improvement, and accomplishments through our innovative analytics tools, empowering you to take control of your academic progress.

Join our online classes today and revolutionize your learning experience. Embrace a platform that meets and exceeds your educational expectations, making your journey toward academic excellence enjoyable and effective.

Students & Parents love us !


Student's Age : 9 Years

My daughter loves her coding lessons! The teacher is patient and able to explain any uncertainty easily while keeping the children engaged. My daughter is happy, so, so am I!

Vivaan's Mother

Student's Age : 6 Years

Block Based Coding courses for early learners at Concept helped Vivaan to become more confident to learn and create games on his own.

Kirpa Gudhka

Student's Age : 6 Years
Our 6 year old daughter really enjoyed these classes. The teacher is very friendly, patient and knowledgeable. Has set our daughter up to be interested in coding… Just what we wanted.

Archana Shah

Student's Age : 8 Years
My 8 years old daughter really enjoyed these classes. She was able to advance her skills in sequences, loops, building games using scratch etc. Teacher is very friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this class.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Concept.study?

Concept.study is an online platform dedicated to providing comprehensive study materials, courses, and resources for students and professionals. We aim to facilitate learning and development across various fields and disciplines.

What types of courses does Concept.study offer?

We offer a wide range of courses, including but not limited to, business management, technology, science, arts, and humanities. Our courses are designed to cater to different levels, from beginners to advanced learners.

How do I enroll in a course on Concept.study?

To enroll in a course, first create an account on our website. Once logged in, browse through the course catalog, select a course you are interested in, and follow the instructions to enroll.

Is there any free trial/demo class?

We do provide free demo/trial classes but, only if you don’t like our classes & decide not to continue after our first class, and then we will not charge anything (Yes, it is Risk-Free)

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes we do have a Refund Policy and it Explained in a Simple Example

  • If cancel after 2 classes
  • Get a refund for the remaining 6 classes in your bank account.
Do you provide homework and class notes?

Yes, we certainly provide both homework and class notes to support your learning journey and help you achieve your academic goals.

How many students are in the group classes?

So if we talk about the strength of our group classes, it’s around 3-4 students in a single group class.

Can we ask to reschedule classes for any planned leave?

Yes, you’re welcome to request a reschedule for classes due to planned leave. We appreciate advance notice to ensure smooth adjustments for everyone involved.