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Concept.Study is The world’s most parent-friendly skill development platform to provide micro-courses & online live classes for Students from Year 1 to GCSE & A Level.

5 – 18 years of age students are not trained at schools on the new-age skills to develop Innovator Mindset, Creative Thinking and Collaborative Mindset.

We help parents to explore child interest & convert it into skills by offering skill development live classes.

We are on a mission to democratise access to skilled-based education by offering skill development group classes at a radically affordable cost.

Advantage of Concept.study…
▪️ Short course duration (3-6 Months)
▪️ Pay monthly (No Registration or lump sum fee)
▪️ No-question ask 100% refund policy (Risk-free)
▪️ Radically Affordable Cost 
▪️ 2 Live Classes per week so students stay in touch with concepts
▪️ We provide assignments, worksheets and content to revise.
▪️ Excellent industry expert teachers

Concept.Study is a UK-based company run by parents for the parents.

We are offering multiple courses for year 1 to GCSe & A level in all major subjects our few most demanding subjects are below …

– Math
– English
– Science
– Music
– Coding
– French
– Digital Art & Design

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