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Introduction to German for Young Learners (Year 3-5)

  • Module 1: Greetings and Basic Phrases
      • Learning to say hello, goodbye, please, and thank you.
      • Introducing oneself and asking simple questions.
  • Module 2: Numbers, Colours, and Shapes
      • Counting from 1-100.
      • Naming primary colours and basic shapes.
  • Module 3: Family and Friends
      • Vocabulary related to family members and friends.
      • Simple sentences to talk about one’s family.
  • Module 4: Daily Routines and Activities
      • Describing a typical day.
      • Days of the week, months, and seasons.
  • Module 5: Food and Drinks
    • Common foods and drinks in German.
    • Expressing likes and dislikes.

Developing German Skills (Year 6-8)

  • Module 6: School and Hobbies
      • School subjects, classroom objects.
      • Talking about hobbies and interests.
  • Module 7: Time and Travel
      • Telling time and discussing daily schedules.
      • Basic phrases for travel and directions.
  • Module 8: Shopping and Transactions
      • Vocabulary for shopping, money, and transactions.
      • Creating dialogues in a shopping scenario.
  • Module 9: Health and Well-being
      • Body parts, illnesses, and visiting the doctor.
      • Expressing feelings and states of being.
  • Module 10: Culture and Celebrations
    • German festivals, traditions, and cultural practices.
    • Simple historical facts and geographical information about


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