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Design & Animate

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Course Description:

Crafted with the curiosity and creative spirit of children in mind, this course invites your child to step into a vibrant digital playground. Under the guidance of our expert instructors, each student embarks on a journey from the basics of graphic design to the magical realm of animation, all from the comfort and safety of your home in London, UK.

Why Enrol Your Child?

  • Foster Creativity: Watch as your child’s imagination comes to life on the screen, turning abstract ideas into tangible digital artworks.
  • Boost Digital Literacy: Equip your child with the digital skills necessary for the future, from fundamental design principles to animation techniques.
  • Flexible Learning: Designed for busy families, our online format allows your child to learn at their own pace, fitting perfectly around school and family time.
  • Safe & Supportive Environment: Our experienced instructors create a nurturing online space where every child feels valued, inspired, and connected.
  • Real-World Projects: Your child will complete the course with a portfolio of projects, showcasing their new skills and creative thinking.

Course Highlights:

  • Introduction to Digital Design: Learn the basics of design, including colour theory, typography, and layout, through engaging, child-friendly activities.
  • Animation Adventures: Step into the world of animation, exploring everything from stop-motion to 2D digital animation, bringing characters and stories to life.
  • Interactive Workshops: Live, interactive sessions encourage collaboration, creativity, and fun, allowing children to share their work and learn from peers.
  • Cultural Creativity: Discover how art and design vary across cultures, broadening horizons and inspiring a global perspective in young minds.
  • Showcase & Celebrate: The course culminates in a virtual exhibition where students proudly present their creations to family, friends, and the Concept Study community.

Ready to Ignite Your Child’s Creative Spark?

“Design & Animate” isn’t just a course—it’s a journey into creativity, innovation, and digital fluency that prepares your child for the future while providing them with a fun, enriching experience today. Enroll your young creators in our course and watch as they design, animate, and shine.



Introduction to Digital Art

  • Lesson 1: Exploring the Digital Canvas
      • Overview of digital art tools and software
      • Setting up and navigating design software
  • Lesson 2: Basics of Digital Design
    • Introduction to colour theory and composition
    • Basic shapes and form creation

Dive into Design

  • Lesson 3: The World of Typography
      • Understanding fonts and typography in design
      • Creating engaging text-based artwork
  • Lesson 4: Layout and Composition
    • Principles of layout in digital design
    • Designing simple posters and digital artwork

Characters and Storytelling

  • Lesson 5: Character Creation Workshop
      • Designing unique characters from scratch
      • Introduction to character design principles
  • Lesson 6: Storyboarding Your Ideas
    • Basics of visual storytelling and storyboarding
    • Planning a short animation

Introduction to Animation

  • Lesson 7: Animation Basics
      • Introduction to animation principles
      • Simple animations using keyframes
  • Lesson 8: Bringing Characters to Life
    • Animating designed characters
    • Introduction to motion and emotion in animation

Project and Presentation

  • Lesson 9: Project Work
      • Developing a short animated project based on their storyboard
      • Applying learned design and animation skills
  • Lesson 10: Showcase and Feedback
    • Preparing a digital portfolio
    • Virtual exhibition: Students present their projects
    • Constructive feedback session and course wrap-upOnline Design & Animation Classes UK – Concept.study



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Design & Animate
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